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#DataWork: From the Abstract to the reality

The Open Institute is excited to note that the brand new dispensary at Lanet Umoja, the first public dispensary in the area since Kenya’s independence in 1963, is almost complete. At this time last year, the dispensary was a mere hope in the minds of Lanet Umoja’s community and in…

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Announcing the Kaya Community Lab

The team at the Open Institute is pleased to announce the launch of the Kaya Community Lab. This initiative brings together various stakeholders in communities and/or organisations to address specific, identified and complex problems that do not necessarily have straightforward solutions. The Kaya Community Labs intends to take a Social Labs…

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Bahati: a great start to the scale up marathon.

Following the success we had in Lanet Umoja location, where we worked with Chief Kariuki, our scale up process officially kicked off today as we have started a marathon series of introductory sessions in four locations – Bahati, Kirima, Githioro and Mereroni. Our first stop is in Bahati location in…

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Towards an (African-Led) Africa Network

Over the past decade – certainly since 2010 – Africans have made great strides in the use of technology and data for development and for transparency. There have been many landmark innovations that have emanated from the continent that have gone on to be useful in many other parts of…

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Making Transparency Matter: What Citizens Care About

At the Open Institute, we have centered much of our work around transparency – making government and corporate data available to everyone. The argument is simple: the more data and information there is available, the more citizens are empowered to participate in their governance. When citizens participate, the argument follows,…

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Come join us at the Open Duka Hackathon in Mombasa!

Open Institute and M-Power would like to jointly invite developers out there to the Open Duka Hackathon. We are happy to invite you to the second Open Duka Hackathon on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2014 at Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies. The event will be open to Software and…

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