The Open Institute works with governments, civil society, private sector companies, media organisations and others to realize citizen-driven open societies in Africa, managed by informed, fact-driven citizens. We aim to do this through various community-level initiatives and forging partnerships with other organisations in this space.

The Changes We Seek

Through our work we aim to achieve two main changes in our societies: we want to see governments that proactively open everything that is relevant to  development into the sunlight and to give value to citizen voices.

The Things We Do

Operating at the intersection of policy thinking, grassroots citizen desires and technological solution building, we work to deliver meaningful solutions that impact both citizens and governments.

We appreciate the value of data to citizen empowerment and therefore innovating its curation and presentation with a view to making it effectively usable.

We develop agile experiments and research into the best ways and means that citizens can contribute to government priorities and to development work.


Our Partners and Friends