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Research Study: Journey to Consensus

The African continent through the African Union’s Common African Position (CAP) on Post 2015 Development Agenda expressed its desire to approach the Post 2015 Development agenda on a unified front in order to avoid the pitfalls experienced in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). There were consultation gaps…

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Why We Need An African Partnership for Development Data

Earlier this year,  I published my thoughts on the general direction in which a partnership for development data could take in Africa. While we acknowledge the possibility of a loose flotilla of efforts in the early days of such an effort I believe two critical factors should be kept front-of-mind. We…

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Post-2015 Has Provided Us All With A "Big Tent"

In their paper The Benefits of a Big Tent: Opening Up Government in Developing Countries, J Goldstein and J Weinstein argue for a “big tent”; one term under which open data and open government communities can pursue a common goal. I believe the term is fitting for the post-2015 processes and the…

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The Data Revolution in Policy-Making

“To take part in the African revolution it is not enough to write a revolutionary song; you must fashion the revolution with the people” Ahmed Sekou Toure There continues to be a great deal of dialogue and debate on what the data revolution from the report of the High Level…

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Post-2015 and the Data Revolution.

I recently had the honour of participating in the Dialogue on Data for accountability within the post-2015 agenda framework earlier this year in New York.  Organised by the UNDP, it was refreshing to be amongst people who were for the most part not from the traditional open government and open…

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