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Code4Kenya Launch

Below the speech delivered by Jay Bhalla, Executive Director of The Open Institute Trust, during the Code4Kenya Launch Event held on the 24th of January 2013. A very good morning to everyone. It’s been slightly over a year and a half since Kenya embarked on its ambitious Open Data Initiative. At the…

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GotToVote! A way to bring Open Data to the ground

The Open Institute is really proud to have helped birth an exciting new viral web campaign that is driving Kenyans to register and go vote.The GotToVote! campaign is the latest civic engagement project built by the pioneering Code4Kenya initiative. It was built in just 24hrs, by just two people, based…

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The Power of Open: my reflections

I said yesterday that, I am likely to have more to say as part of the discussion started by Nathaniel Heller of Global Integrity Commons, wherein he wondered whether Open Data is a good idea for the Open Government Partnership. Of course, I hold that it is a necessary component of any truly open government. Today…

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